National Zaf on the Polish …

On 20th and 21st of November our Brothers held a first National Zaf on the Polish east coast hosted by recently established Gdansk Table. The main topics were:
– admission of three new Brothers. They received the following numbers in The Musterrole: 119 Andrzej Gedymin; 120 Maciej Sokolowski and 121 Jakub Kesik.

– progress on the long standing issue of publication of our Brothers own tales about their lifes and experiences. Its title is to be “Dykcjonarz Mesy Kaprow Polskich”.

That project started several years ago, which passed mainly in waiting for the slow coming up of Brothers’ contributions. Now it got significant acceleration thanks to the kind sponsorship for printing costs from Brother Miroslaw Misayat (98).

– final choice of an internet group used for quick and informal communication between ourselves. Following proven international Hermandad’s practice our group is located at . That complements our web presence on

That page would be more useful for Brothers from the world as there we strive to have also some texts in English and Spanish. It only needs a little digging to find them..

Discussions and ‘orzas’ were held at the ZEJMAN club in Gdansk but on the following day we were all invited to visit the Polish Naval Academy where we were shown many things of rather military character, and most interestingly – the modern sea navigation simulator – and that, we all can easily appreciate.

In early December snowy and frosty Poland was visited by our Brother from New York Joe Citarella whose week long tour included three of our Tables. In Lublin he was shown around by our CN Jerzy Demetrakis Paleolog (78), dined at the ‘ad-hoc’ mini-Zaf and discussed i.a. – what else – the issue of ice sailing… Then our guest was sent to Gdansk where he was hosted by local captain vel ‘Storman’ – Andrzej Drapella (89). They visited historical spots of Westerplatte (where the II WW started) and Solidarity birth place – three pylons and anchors memorial. Brothers socializing was – where else – at the ZEJMAN club… The last stop of the visit, already on the way to Potsdam, was in Szczecin in the hands of local Storman Bohdan Ronin Walknowski (58). We hope that memories left from the visit will not be as frosty as the weather was.

Jerzy Knabe (2)
Vigia Internacional
Hermandad de la Costa – Polonia